• What you get for your money

    The course price is £400 inc. This covers:

    • Two course days
    • The assessment + one more assessment if you fail the first one. Hopefully you won’t but you don’t have to pay to be assessed a second time if you do. It’s quite a tough course!
    • Three out-of-hours video analyses – We arrange the course with a two week break after day 2 so you have plenty of time to practice between the end of the course and the assessment. To ensure that you are on the right track you can video yourself practicing, post it on YouTube (you can set the privacy high if you don’t want others seeing it) and we will give you feedback. Hopefully this will set you up for success in the assessment.
    • A 200 page, full colour manual with photographs describing each section of the course, both practical and class learning.
    • A DVD demonstrating all the lifts and stages included in the course.