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    Praise for Aug/Nov 2012 Course

    “I have done quite a few courses in weightlifting before . This one stands out by far from all others, Giles is an awesome coach, along with Annie and Lee, I just wish I have got involved with this kind of training when I first got into the fitness industry .I would advise anyone to do this course ….”
    Rogerio Pereira de Lima, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitor and Personal Trainer

    “I would like to take the opportunity to say that this has been the best course that I have attended and would like to thank you and Annie for putting on such a good course.”
    Mark Rodney, S&C Coach and Personal Trainer

    “The GWL course was set up in such a way that was easy to follow and very clear what was expected. Giles, Annie and Lee are all extremely supportive with all aspects of the course and were patient in explaining and coaching the lifting sequences, offering support outside the course dates too. Emphasis on the course is put on not only in mastering the lifting sequences but also on your development as a coach. Giles has guided me to recognise ineffective movement patterns that were causing me problems with my lifts and has shown endless patience in rectifying them…Thank you!!!”
    Lisa Filippina, Weightlifting Competitor and Massage Therapist

    I found the GWL course both comprehensive, and thoroughly enjoyable. Content is concise and easy to grasp, breaking the complex weightlifting movements into manageable stages. I am already using several key aspects of the course to good affect with my own athletes.
    For me it all comes down to the quality of the coaching and Giles is an excellent teacher. As a coach myself, I went into the course with several years of lifting experience, and was immediately struck by the depth of Giles’ knowledge and understanding. He has great interpersonal skills and has a very open mind when it comes to new ideas and approaches.
    This course has really helped me gain an advantage in what is a very competitive industry.
    Charlie Stone, Weightlifting Competitor and S&C Coach


    Previous Testimonials

    “Giles does the best courses that I have done in 10 years of education in the fitness industry. I just wish that I had discovered this route sooner!”
    Rob Hayward, independent health, wellness and fitness professional

    “Giles is a man who leads by example. He is a peoples person and an excellent teacher who will without doubt help you achieve your goals so long as you apply yourself with the same 100% commitment that Giles will provide you with (I’m living proof of this!). No matter what your preferred learning style(s) maybe you’ll find that whilst working with Giles he covers all bases which is excellent as it enhances the speed and quality of your learning. Thank you for all of your support Giles.”
    Atabang Esin Eminue, Assistant Strength Coach, West Ham United FC

    “Overall the course is very well designed and extremely well delivered. In terms of venue, facilities and equipment I believe it is among the best available. Having the opportunity to practice weightlifting with elite competition weights and barbells in a true weightlifting gym is a pure luxury (5*).

    Giles continues to be an outstanding athlete, among the best of all time. Besides the titles and medals won in his competing career, his elegant style of lifting is still recognised by many coaches as the greatest in Britain.

    There is a debate on whether it is possible to teach and learn a sport in a couple of days but this course is spread over 4 weekends which gives sufficient time to both practice and have ongoing supervision by Giles in preparation for the final exam. This course is highly suitable for gym instructors or personal trainers who wish to learn how to perform the two Olympic lifts correctly and discourages athletes or professionals who are seeking a ‘quick’ weightlifting certificate. This should be recognised as very honourable.

    I would recommend this course to any instructors or personal trainers who wish to learn Olympic weightlifting with a view to teach it or incorporate it to clients’ training.”
    Sauro GardenalBritish Master Weightlifting Champion

    “As a very new lifter I was surprised that Giles seemed to give me the same attention and expertise as he does his elite lifters. He has been a great motivator and it is a privilege to train with someone with his background.”
    Gabriela Hayward, business graduate

    “I am the owner of a ladies only health club in Canterbury. Sam, one of my instructors, asked if she could attend the GWL weightlifting course because she needed the CPD points. I was happy to send her, as she would accrue the points she required. Also it was different from the numerous courses in fitness or nutrition she had previously attended. Sam passed the course after much hard work and having to re-take the practical assessment. Her work since has been dramatically changed in a way I would never have expected. She has been including variations of the Olympic lifts in many of her clients’ programmes with great results. Her clients find the Olympic lifts fun and challenging.

    These new skills have set Sam apart from the other instructors and she has never been in such high demand. The understanding Sam gained allows her to select exercises appropriate for her clients’ abilities and her practical skills mean that she can demonstrate them ably. I would recommend the GWL course to anyone, instructors and club owners alike.”
    Karl Grant, Gym Owner

    “Giles and his team of experts at Greenwood Weightlifting raise the bar for the entire fitness industry. The instructor’s course is comprehensive education for any fitness professional seeking to perform and teach the Olympic lifts.”
    Warren Djemal, head trainer, GetStrongr Ltd

    “Giles is an intelligent and approachable teacher, who has the skill to impart his vast knowledge of weightlifting, in a simple and enjoyable way, that leaves you with a thorough understanding of how to become an excellent coach yourself.”
    Rone Stephens, personal trainer, Ichinin Fitness

    “Giles is the best weightlifting instructor out there, bar none. The GWL Weightlifting Course illustrates his excellent, unique teaching structure and rather than dwell on too much theory, ensures that every participant is competent in every component and assistance exercise of every lift. That means when it comes to teaching the lifts to others, it’s second nature. Excellent instructors, course structure and results and recommended to anyone, beginner or expert, wanting to teach others how to do weightlifting.”
    Richard Thompson, personal trainer, The Foundry

    “I have been on the Greenwood Weightlifting Course which I found to be a very professional course. Giles Greenwood and his course instructors really know all about weightlifting and teach it extremely well. The course is in a relaxed atmosphere, but high standards are expected. If you listen to the instructors, you will learn a lot. If you want to be taught by the best there is, you need to get on the Greenwood Weightlifting course. I’m glad I did.”
    Mark Knowles, owner, Mark Knowles personal training

    “Giles is without doubt one of the leading weightlifting coaches in Great Britain. Having 10 consecutive British championships, British Records that still stand and a Commonwealth Gold Medal you can be sure that you are learning from the best. While a perfectionist on the platform, he is very relaxed and humorous off of the platform and easily approachable. His knowledge of weightlifting matches his credentials and complete beginners can often demonstrate confident technique in jut a few sessions. I was fortunate enough to train personally with Giles at the start of my weightlifting career and in less than 2 years achieved 2 Championships, a British Record and a World Record. If you want to learn how to lift, Giles is your coach. If you want to be pushed hard to become a competent weightlifter, Giles will smile after your best efforts and then tell you to put some more weight on the bar.”
    Stephen Aish, director, The Strength Academy Ltd

    “Giles is a fantastic coach and has provided me with clear and practically training instruction based on his vast knowledge and experience.”
    David Oliver, Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    “As a strength and conditioning coach I’ve lifted under Giles for 2 years now and not only has he developed me into an competent lifter in my own right but he has given me the ability to coach Olympic Lifting myself to a high standard. The quality of my coaching has improved phenomenally.
    Never shy to share a lifetime of knowledge and a highly efficient teacher. I highly recommend Giles and his courses.”
    Tommy Heffelfinger, independent sports professional

    “I have been coached by Giles for two years now and highly recommend his classes and courses. His knowledge of the sport and the technical aspects of lifting are second to none. He is also experienced at working with athletes from other sports and applying the aspects of weightlifting and strength training that are relevant to them. Giles has the no-nonsense approach and insights of someone who has ‘walked the walk’ for many years. His weightlifting instructors course is the most thorough course on the market that I know of, taught by a man who has held British records in the sport for the last decade and counting…”
    Sally Moss, personal trainer, Ultimate Performance Fitness

    “Giles has been there, done it and got the Gold medal! Anyone who wants to learn/improve/compete at weightlifting would do well to get Giles’ help. Great lifter, great coach, great bloke.”
    Matt Smith, Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of East London

    “Giles is clearly a talented athlete and conveys his great experience and technical knowledge with outstanding enthusiasm, humour and patience. If you want to become a successful lifter or intend to coach Olympic lifting you should spend some times with Giles!”
    Martin Peter Watkins, rehabilitation specialist