• Course outline

    The course runs over two days plus an assessment day. This consists of two consecutive Sundays, a week off to give students the chance to consolidate what they have learned, followed by the assessment.  Weekday courses can be arranged subject to demand.

    Day 1: Classroom sessions on safety and technical analysis. Practical sessions learning the snatch, clean and jerk.

    Day 2: Classroom sessions on writing training programmes, assistance exercises and commonly encountered technical errors and their solutions. Practical sessions consolidating learning on snatch, clean and jerk, learning to perform the assistance exercises introduced during the class session and alternative methods of teaching the classical lifts.

    Day 3: Assessment. A one hour written exam and a practical assessment of the snatch, clean and jerk and the teaching sequence learned on the course. Results are given via email within one week of assessment day.

    Video analysis: The course is timetabled to allow plenty of time to practice the skills you have learned before being assessed. To aid you in your practice, all GWL Instructors Course students are entitled to send up to 3 videos of themselves practicing outside course times for feedback from a GWL Course Instructor. This invaluable resource ensures that you are practicing correctly and not reinforcing bad habits.