• Snatch Grip and Avoiding Torn Calluses

    by  • July 22, 2013

    Weightlifting is a bit rough on your hands. Some wear and tear is inevitable when you’re pitting your skin against knurled chrome. I constantly tore my hands in competition and considered it an unavoidable part of the sport. The photo below is of my hand (centre) and Andrew Callard’s (1992 Olympian and 1994 Commonwealth champion […]

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    Some Thoughts on Levers in Weightlifting

    by  • June 7, 2013

    Most weightlifting instructors’ courses (including mine) will have a short section on the mechanics of weightlifting which mainly focuses on levers. The specific “take home” message of this section (also including my instructors course) tends to be that a shorter weight arm* gives a mechanical advantage** and allows us to lift more weight. If you […]

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    Improving Your Weightlifting Skill

    by  • May 9, 2013

    Although I think the skill element of weightlifting is often over emphasised (“weightlifting is 90% mental” etc. Try telling my legs that as they struggle to get up with a clean), everyone who wants to fulfil their potential in the snatch and clean & jerk needs to be aware of the need to learn and […]

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    A Strong Receiving Position

    by  • April 15, 2013

    We are all aware of the key positions in the two lifts. The snatch and clean share the same key positions – the start position (or “get set”), bar at knee height, “power position”, full extension and receiving position. For the jerk it is the start position, the bottom of the dip, the top of […]

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    Full “Catapult” Debate on Facebook with Don McCauley

    by  • April 7, 2013

    My video of the “snatch to toes” drill caused quite a debate on one person’s facebook page. Apparently, there’s a lot of argument over in America about triple extension vs catapult technique and I accidentally stumbled into it. Don McCauley is a well known coach in America and comes over to the UK to teach […]

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    Keeping the Bar Close

    by  • April 1, 2013

    I’m a fan of keeping the snatch pull as straight as possible with the bar and lifter staying close together throughout the pull. I often see lifters swinging the bar out quite a lot on contact with the thighs and this can be frustrating for the lifter if it leads to failed snatches and it’s […]

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    Strength and Technique

    by  • March 27, 2013

    I just had an interesting (to me) conversation on Facebook with fellow weightlifting coach Marius Hardiman regarding the amount of time it takes to “master” the techniques of the snatch and clean & jerk (Marius writes some good stuff at http://www.oxfordpowersports.co.uk/ ).  An article by a world champion weightlifter had suggested it takes 5 years […]

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    What You Can Expect on a GWL Instructors Course

    by  • March 15, 2013

    This February I was pleased to welcome to Bethnal Green WLC the third instructor from S&C and Personal Training company Do Training to attend the GWL Instructors Course, Julie Gooderick. While it is always good to get new business, it is especially nice when you know that previous customers are happy enough with the service […]

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